Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 27th.

Tuesday. 29th.

Monday. 28th. CFA


Monday. 28th. CFA
Monday. 28th.

Morning cold with a little flight of snow in the Night. I went to the Office as usual where I was busy in writing and reading the Life of Sheridan in which I made great progress. The Account of his decline is hurried over and excused as much as possible but after all it is bad enough. Nothing material took place. I took a short walk and returned home.

Afternoon finished the third Tusculan of Cicero. In the Evening Mr. Brooks came in and sat a couple of hours very pleasantly. After which I began reading Pope’s translation of Homers Iliad.1 And the Spectator as usual.


Two editions are at MQA, one, bearing JQA’s bookplate, published at London in 1771 in 5 vols., the other, also a London edition, in 2 vols., 1818–1829.