Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 2d.

Sunday. 4th.

Saturday 3d. CFA


Saturday 3d. CFA
Saturday 3d.

Morning cloudy with slight snow. I went to the Office as usual. Nothing of material consequence took place. I was engaged in writing 191up my Journal and began to read the Speech of Burke upon the Nabob of Arcot’s debts.1 This Speech is very celebrated and Mr. Moore speaks so highly of it, I think I must look it over again. It takes more than one reading to judge of a Speech upon a subject of so little interest to us. Took a walk to the Athenaeum and round High Street home. My purpose was to see the Address to the Public from Mr. Bailey which involves a charge against my father.2 I could not however find it. The Free Press is left at the Athenaeum but is not in estimation enough to be preserved long. Returned home.

Afternoon, finished the reading of the Tusculans and began the Essay, “De natura Deorum.” But I made no great progress. My Afternoons pass like my Mornings without proper profit.

Evening, reading to my Wife—After which, the third Book of Pope’s Homer, and the Spectator.


The speech, delivered on 28 Feb. 1785 and published separately in the same year, is in vol. 2 of the edition of Edmund Burke’s Works at MQA, published at London in 1792 in 3 volumes.


The alleged attack on JQA by John Bailey of the Antimasonry party was later denounced by Bailey as fraudulent and an outright falsehood (JQA to CFA, 13 Dec., Adams Papers).