Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 15th.

Saturday. 17th.

Friday. 16th. CFA


Friday. 16th. CFA
Friday. 16th.

I found the difference during the Night, in sleeping in a cold room without any fire. Arose and after warming myself as well as I could went to the Office. Was busy there in writing a part of my Paper upon the Treasury Report. But I could not finish it at all today. No material occurrence took place. Received an answer from Mrs. Adams just such as I expected to receive—Expressing no decided answer but wavering and talking.1 These people do not deserve kindness. Took a short walk and returned to dine at home.

Afternoon passed in reading the first book De Divinatione which contains all the wonderful predictions that took place in Antiquity. Yet no one can suppose they were any thing but the effect of accident 199or good judgment in the Officer. In such cases Posterity has for a judgment only the prophecies which came true, while those that did not are left out of sight.

Evening, continued Gibbon and reached the famous Chapters, upon the Christian Religion. Read the tenth book of the Iliad, and two numbers of the Spectator. This Volume is certainly the most valuable.


The letter from Mrs. TBA is missing.