Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 18th.

Tuesday. 20th.

Monday. 19th. CFA


Monday. 19th. CFA
Monday. 19th.

Morning at the Office, engaged writing my Journal &ca. But I. H. and J. H. Adams called in soon from Quincy and prevented my paying any farther attention to my Article as I contemplated. The latter had just received Orders from the Navy Department to join the Peacock and to report himself therefor to Com. Morris at Charlestown. In consequence of this Mrs. Adams wrote me in a letter about the want of funds necessary to equip the youth to sea, and more than half intimating an unwillingness that he should accept.1 I saw that decision on my part would be the only thing to save him so I determined upon advancing him a small sum of money, just enough to take away the excuse, and upon taking at once all the measures which should engage him irrevocably almost to the Service. I accordingly declined the 201Company of I. Hull, and went with Joseph myself to Charlestown. We did not find Com. Morris, so that we were obliged to return home with the object unaccomplished. I did not feel like giving Joseph a chance to see his Mother again, so I kept him at my House this night. My morning was thus pretty much consumed.

Afternoon, read Cicero de Divinatione Book 2d. containing a refutation of the Stoic Argument. Evening, Gibbon and the Spectator. My Wife came downstairs to dine.


The letter is missing.