Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 20th.

Thursday. 22d.

Wednesday. 21st. CFA


Wednesday. 21st. CFA
Wednesday. 21st.

This was a mild morning—The thermometer being only at about freezing point. It may be called the first of the kind we have had this winter. I went to the Office and was engaged there in various ways without touching any part of my Article. Wrote a letter to my Mother about Joseph &ca.1 And Mr. Degrand called in for a few moments. So that I had no length of time at my disposal.

Returned home and in the afternoon, finished the second book De Divinatione. Which is on the whole pretty convincing, although parts of the refutation are not so entirely sound as the author seems to think them; for instance his taking to pieces the strong syllogism of the other party. He questions positions because they are not generally admitted, but at the same time does not deny that he thinks they are right. Now if they are sound as to him, the refutation from the opinions of others is not complete.

Evening, sat downstairs two hours with my Wife. Then read a little of Gibbon’s third Volume, and the eleventh book of the Iliad and Spectator.


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