Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 23d.

Sunday. 25th.

Saturday. 24th. CFA


Saturday. 24th. CFA
Saturday. 24th.

Morning at the Office. Weather changed this morning to a heavy rain and complete thaw, so that the Streets were in pretty wretched condition. I was busy part of the morning at my Office, but being desirous of some information in regard to the Arguments used in favour of the Charter of the Bank, I passed much the largest space of time at the Athenaeum. The Debate was but poorly reported. I saw enough of it however to satisfy myself that Mr. McLane’s view was not correct, and I went home determined to modify my Article already written a little, in order to introduce what I had found.


After dinner I read the larger part of Cicero’s second book de Legibus which is a species of Commentary upon the Institutions of the Romans respecting Religion. And the work is curious as displaying the policy upon which the greatness of the Romans was founded. Upon this subject I must read Montesquieu again. In the evening I read to my Wife a part of the Canterbury Tales. They are written with a pleasing flow of style, and are easy, light and amusing. Afterwards, read the 13th book of the Iliad over, a little of Gibbon, and the usual numbers of the Spectator.