Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 27th.

Thursday. 29th.

Wednesday. 28th. CFA


Wednesday. 28th. CFA
Wednesday. 28th.

Morning at the Office as usual. The day mild and very thick with haze. I was occupied the larger part of my time in writing my third Article upon the Treasury Report upon so much of it as relates to the Public lands. I found it so easy that I made but one draught of the first half leaving the conclusion only not done. I had some trifling interruptions but on the whole worked well. Took a walk though hardly such a one as I was bound to take.

In the Afternoon I read the rest of the first and a part of the second book of Cicero de Officiis. His translator Guthrie writes with the most singular mixture of praise and prejudice that I have seen.1 Yet the latter very far outweighs the former in his Judgments. He makes me as much in favour of Cicero by his harshness, as my father generally makes me against him by his partiality.

Evening with my Wife. I read part of the Canterbury Tales, a most interesting story. Afterwards, reviewed the 14 book of the Iliad. Read Gibbon and the Spectator.


On the book, see above, vol. 3, entry for 13 January.