Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 29th.

Saturday. 31st.

Friday. 30th. CFA


Friday. 30th. CFA
Friday. 30th.

Morning clear after a fall of snow sufficient perfectly to renovate the sleighing and make it even better than ever. I went to the Office and after having been occupied in drawing up my Agency Accounts for the close of the Quarter and the year, I devoted the remainder of my time to making up my fourth number upon the Treasury Report. I then went to the Athenaeum to obtain another Book for my Wife’s amusement and thence went home.

After dinner, I read the first half of the third book de Officiis which came very pleasantly as a well known acquaintance of times past. Interrupted by Mr. Nathl. Hall of Medford a Cousin of my Wife who came to take Tea. He did not however remain long. Afterwards, I fell into conversation with my Wife and I believe from the result we derived mutual benefit. In married life, every thing should be regulated by the spirit of concession, and with my unbending character, it is very necessary for me to keep rigid watch over my disposition. Prosperity has had considerable effect in making me forget my faults, until they have grown upon me. May I have resolution to set about checking them immediately.

Evening, Homer’s Iliad Book 15th. Wrote a draught of my 4th Article and read the Spectator.