Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

January. 1832 Sunday. 1st.

Tuesday. 3d.

Monday. 2d. CFA


Monday. 2d. CFA
Monday. 2d.

Morning clear and cold. I went to the office as usual and was busy all the time in the Accounts and calculations which happen at the opening of a new Year. My affairs are on the whole in a favourable situation though I do not as yet quite see clearly through them. Had a visit from Mr. Lyon a Man I sued a day or two since, who did not seem inclined to pay me and asked a delay. I granted him a delay considering that no harm could be done by it to any person. But my law business does not turn out so profitable as it might from this disposition of mine to indulge foolish desires. Took a short walk and seized a stray minute to go and see a picture of young Burke the Actor painted by a new Artist, Osgood who is gathering a little reputation from Portraits.1 We saw several, and recognized one or two of them as acquaintances. But his painting is not good. I went with Mr. Peabody.

Returned home and was engaged in the Afternoon with attendance upon two Meetings. The first was the usual one of the Directors of the Boylston Market. The other the Proprietors of the Athenaeum. The usual business was transacted at both places and I reached home to tea. Quiet evening. Mr. Brooks called and spent an hour. Afterwards I read a book of the Iliad and the Spectator.


Probably Samuel Stillman Osgood (1808–1885), who began exhibiting at the Boston Athenaeum in 1831 and was represented there annually for several years thereafter; see Groce and Wallace, Dict. Amer. Artists , p. 480; Mabel M. Swan, The Athenaeum Gallery, Boston, 1940, p. 259.