Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 9th.

Wednesday. 11th.

Tuesday. 10th. CFA


Tuesday. 10th. CFA
Tuesday. 10th.

Morning mild and pleasant. I went to the Office as usual and after my regular duties, continued and finished the rough draught of my last Paper upon the Treasury Report. It is rather bitter upon the Secretary but not more so than he deserves for the very extraordinary course he has thought proper to pursue. The more I reflect upon it, the more I am satisfied there is some treachery at the bottom. It may seem rather presumptuous in me to deal so freely with the Secretary but I cannot conceal the impulses of my feelings in writing. Walked up as far as J. D. Williams’ Store to try Wine but I could not make up my mind to choose.

Afternoon. Read the Treatise of Q. Cicero upon the mode of soliciting the Consulship. A dry thing when compared with the inimitable grace of his brother’s style. Read also the famous dream of Scipio which is on the whole the most remarkable ancient Paper I ever read. It is impossible not to admire the genius which could have struck out so bold, so singular and yet so reasonable a path without any resources out of itself.

Evening, continued reading to my Wife a part of the German’s Tale, Kruitzner, the interest of which is remarkably sustained. Afterwards, I read the eighteenth book of Homer’s Iliad, an Article or two in the American Quarterly Review and the Spectators.