Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 15th.

Tuesday. 17th.

Monday. 16th. CFA


Monday. 16th. CFA
Monday. 16th.

Morning delightful. This weather must be a monstrous relief to poor People whose supplies of wood have been so freely drawn upon by the unusual coldness of the preceding month. I said last evening that I had finished the Spectator by reading two numbers regularly since the month of March last. It is the first time I ever went regularly through them. And on the whole I think I have gained something. It has given me a more correct idea of the beauty of Addison’s style, although I am yet far from impressed with that admiration of it which is common. I like a more flowing, forcible current.

Went to the Office and wasted my time. Read a long Debate in the Intelligencer1 and took a long walk as my head was a little out of order. After dinner, I was obliged to attend a Meeting of Directors of the Boylston Market to consult upon a Plan for certain alterations to be made, and this kept me there the whole Afternoon. The last Director’s Meeting this Year, and I decline the position next year.

Evening, went over and paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Gorham Brooks, found them at home, and Mr. Brooks came in soon after. On the whole a pleasant Evening. Returned early, read the 21st book of the Iliad and two numbers of the Guardian.


In the House of Representatives on 5 Jan. on a motion to recommit to the Committee of Claims the bill for the adjustment and settlement of the claims of South Carolina against the United States, the debate was opened by JQA and joined by Messrs. McDuffie, Speight, Everett, Burges, Williams, Reed, Drayton, Davis, Barbour, and others. The remarks of each were printed at length in the Daily National Intelligencer, 9 Jan., p. 2–3.