Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 19th i.e. 20th.

Sunday. 22d.

Saturday. 20th [i.e. 21st]. CFA


Saturday. 20th [i.e. 21st]. CFA
Saturday. 20th i.e. 21st.

Morning at the Office. At ten o’clock I attended a Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Middlesex Canal to examine the state of 225affairs for the year. We had an uncommonly favourable Account, and declared a Dividend of Twenty two dollars upon a share, being by far the largest ever made. This gives my father quite a large sum for his share. And I do not know what to do with it, but my present mind is to invest it if possible.1 Took a short walk to the Athenaeum and home.

My Afternoon was consumed partly in bottling Wine, partly in attending upon a Committee to examine the Agent’s books and certify to the Proprietors of the Canal that they are correct. This is a tedious affair. It took up about two hours. The encouragement this will give to the holders of Canal Stock will probably raise the price of their Shares and bring on some speculation. Would it not be wise for some large Proprietors like my father to take advantage of it? I will consult him upon it. Returned home and passed the rest of the evening in reading to my Wife. Afterwards I read Fuseli’s life which is a poor thing, and the usual numbers of the Guardian.


CFA invested the proceeds of the Middlesex Canal Co.’s dividend by negotiating a loan of $1,200 to Henshaw & Co. for 6 months—$1,000 from JQA’s funds, $200 from his own. CFA to JQA, 31 March (LbC, Adams Papers).