Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 22d.

Tuesday. 24th.

Monday. 23d. CFA


Monday. 23d. CFA
Monday. 23d.

Morning quite cold again but it was a beautiful day. I went to the Office as usual and spent my time in looking over my Accounts, and indeed wasted a part of it, I must admit. Such is the case too often. Reading the Newspapers and writing my Diary engrosses a considerable share of the short mornings we have. And I go out at one o’clock to obtain the exercise I ought regularly to take. Today for once I enjoyed my walk.

Afternoon, read a part of the fourth book to Herennius containing a brief account of the various modes of adorning and enlivening a discourse which are curious rather than useful. Nature ought to be the prompter in these cases. The man who should use Rhetorical phrases merely secundum artem would prove but a poor Orator after all.

Evening quiet at home with my Wife. Read to her a part of the last Canterbury Tale as well as her usual Chapters in the Bible. Afterwards I read the twenty third book of the Iliad, looked over the paper upon Iron, and perused the two Guardians. This is an inferior work.