Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 14th.

Thursday. 16th.

Wednesday. 15th. CFA


Wednesday. 15th. CFA
Wednesday. 15th.

I devoted nearly two hours to Gibbon and felt quite well pleased with myself in consequence. The rest of the time passed as it usually does. I accomplished a walk also in very wet streets, but it was not half as long as it should have been. Mr. Brooks dined with us, but did not appear to me to be very lively.

I was very superficial in Quinctilian. The truth is I have read enough 241about the Theory of Oratory. It has become so tedious and dry as to benefit me little. I have some notion of giving up the study of it, having accomplished six books being one half of the Work. But the truth is I am not clear what to do next. Perhaps I may take up Livy, perhaps Virgil or go back to a minuter analysis of the Orations of Cicero.

Quiet evening. Continued Leigh Hunt. His imprisonment for a libel, his opinion of himself &ca. On the whole, he seems a tolerably amiable man to have seen so much difficulty. His book was made up however to sell.