Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 27th.

Wednesday. 29th.

Tuesday. 28th. CFA


Tuesday. 28th. CFA
Tuesday. 28th.

More disagreeable weather. At the Office. Read Gibbon and had but one interruption. Mr. I. Farrar from Quincy to pay a portion of his rent. He is about to quit the Farm not at all to my regret for he is a very wretched farmer. But whether he will have a successor at all better is a question still. Took a short walk and returned home.

Afternoon, the first Georgic of Virgil. I did not quite finish it. Copied also, the letter to my Father and sent it.

Evening at Mr. Frothingham’s. A family party. P. C. B. Jr. the only one not there of those commonly present. It was pretty well. There seemed however to be some under-current. I congratulate myself that I have kept out of all difficulties arising from Jealousies, which assuredly I could not have done if I had shown the least disposition to accept the invitation to live at Medford. I regard the death of Mrs. Brooks as a great misfortune to this family. Returned home. Read 250Dryden’s Mac Flecnoe. Distinguished by his usual beauties and faults, but not so good as Absalom I think.