Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 4th.

Tuesday. 6th.

Monday. 5th. CFA


Monday. 5th. CFA
Monday. 5th.

Heavy rain and apparently a disperser of our snow and ice. I went to the Office and read Gibbon. Beginning the sixth volume and the decline of the Roman Empire in the East. A thing that never had any solid foundation of it’s own. A man may on the whole feel very grateful with us that he has been placed where he is. Perhaps the pleasantest period for life may be considered to have taken place during the last half of the last Century in England, and the first half in France. Though the thing may admit of some consideration. I am speaking of the pleasure of life to an educated man. In these days we are all educated.

Although it stormed hard, I attended the Meeting of the Directors of Boylston Market and they transacted the business expeditiously. They are pretty practical men all of them and understand the business of building. There is something to be got from almost every body in this world.

Returned home. The Baby was so unwell I sent for the Dr. She has been now in a poor condition for a month past. I know no anxiety equal to this. Read a part of Goethe’s Memoirs to my Wife. Afterwards I finished Grahame’s second Volume, and read some account of Dryden, but I cannot easily read over and over.