Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 9th.

Sunday. 11th.

Saturday. 10th. CFA


Saturday. 10th. CFA
Saturday. 10th.

Another delicious day. My time was spent for the most part in the Street. I was engaged in Commissions for my Wife, of Furniture, but 257was unable to get any to suit me. The walking besides my regular exercise fatigued me considerably. And the day was weakening. Deacon Spear called to see me with reference to the auction to take place at Mr. Farrar’s, and also upon Affairs in general. I gave him my general instructions as to what was to be done and agreed to go to Quincy next week on the same business. I was informed by him as well as from other sources that my uncle the Judge was now lying very low without probability of his going many weeks more. I do not know that this is to him a misfortune but it is bad that his death should happen while my father is absent.

Quiet Afternoon at home. Continued Virgil and read the fourth and part of the fifth books. The latter containing the Games in honour of Anchises. An imitation of the Games in Homer, at the funeral of Patroclus. The boat race is an improvement. Quiet evening at home. Began Scott’s Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.1 A book which will probably lead me fully into the history of a period about which my head is not now quite clear.


CFA was reading the edition now at MQA, published at Philadelphia in 1827 in 3 vols.; see below, entry for 26 April, note.