Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 11th.

Tuesday. 13th.

Monday. 12th. CFA


Monday. 12th. CFA
Monday. 12th.

Rain with occasional claps of thunder. I went to the Office as usual and was occupied in my Journal and a variety of small duties all day. Wrote a letter to my Mother which took more time than it ought to have done.1 On my return home I found that Hull had received such information from Quincy as rendered it necessary for him to go there. I am fearful his father’s end is approaching.

Passed the afternoon at home and began another attempt upon the Spanish language. I have made several, and my principal difficulty has always been that it seems too easy. It defies application and yet can not be read without the labour of a Dictionary. But I will now make a persevering attempt by reading some of it every day. I began again the Moorish letters and read the Preface.2 Quiet evening at home. Read a part of the life of Barry the Painter.3


The letter from CFA to LCA is missing unless the letter from and to the same, dated 9 March (Adams Papers) is the one referred to.


CFA had studied Spanish as a junior at Harvard and in Washington during 1826 (vol. 1:100–133; 2:37–51 passim). The copy at MQA of José de Cadalso, Cartas Marruecas, Tolosa, 1820, has CFA’s bookplate.


James Barry (1741–1806), member of the Royal Academy ( DNB ). His life appears in Cunningham, British Painters, at 2:54–123.