Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 21st.

Friday. 23d.

Thursday. 22d. CFA


Thursday. 22d. CFA
Thursday. 22d.

I staid at my Office very quietly all the morning because one of my father’s Tenants complained he could not find me to pay his Rent. He did not come and I a little suspect that it is a take-in.1 I read a Chapter 266of Gibbon and had a visit from Mr. Gourgas which related to the two Farms belonging to the Estate of my Uncle. I could not give him any definite information but suppose some will soon come, so I promised to let him know. We had some conversation with regard to the condition of Mrs. Adams and her prospects. He takes out Administration himself but does not as yet know the extent of the demands upon the Estate. Received a short letter from my Mother postponing her intentions with regard to this Quarter.2

Dined at Mr. Frothingham’s with Mr. Brooks and my Wife. A pleasant day enough. Afterwards I went home and read a little of Spanish and Italian as usual. Evening quiet at home. Read to my Wife from the Appendix to Croker’s Boswell.3


A swindle.


LCA to CFA, 17 March (Adams Papers). Her hope to return to Quincy in early April had given way to a new date in early May.


To the text of The Life of Samuel Johnson which John Wilson Croker had edited (5 vols., London, 1831), he had added in vol. 5 a General Appendix consisting of a miscellany of Johnsoniana including recollections of Dr. Johnson by Miss Reynolds, a selection of letters and prayers of Johnson, a collection of anecdotes, &c.