Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 26th.

Wednesday. 28th.

Tuesday. 27th. CFA


Tuesday. 27th. CFA
Tuesday. 27th.

Fine morning but somewhat colder than it has been. I read a part of the seventh book of the Aeneid before going to the Office, where I was occupied in writing a letter to my Father,1 giving him the necessary information as to my progress in the affair of the Judge’s Estates and the settlement of the whole matter. I then went to the Athenaeum and from there took a walk, the wind blowing very violently made it not so agreeable.

In the Afternoon. After copying my letter, I devoted an hour each to the two languages. Received the unwelcome intelligence that 270Graves had run off, without giving me any notice, leaving the House empty and his partners in a pretty rascally manner.2 I never thought much of that fellow. My next business is to let the House again, and fortunately for me there seems to be some demand.

In the evening, there was a family meeting at Gorham’s,3 where we had a more than usually pleasant time. All parties appeared in a humour to be suited which is not invariably the case. We returned at ten. I read more of Napoleon.


LbC, Adams Papers.


In Sept. 1831 P. Graves had succeeded Joseph Libby as the tenant of tenement No. 3 at 101 Tremont Street (M/CFA/3).


At 8 Somerset Street; see above, entry for 25 Nov. 1831.