Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 10th.

Thursday. 12th.

Wednesday. 11th. CFA


Wednesday. 11th. CFA
Wednesday. 11th.

Morning mild but wet. I omitted reading Virgil being occupied in the studies of I. H. Adams, who is preparing to go to West Point. This attention will be beneficial to myself who neglected these pursuits when in College. I have improved in Geometry and Arithmetic since attending to him.

At the Office. Busy in accounts and the usual etceteras so that I did nothing else. Took a walk, but I am so anxious for the reception of some Money at present that I do not like to be long absent from the Office. I have drained myself so greatly that I want to get out of the risk of any demand which might embarrass me.

Afternoon, quietly at home. Continued my French and Spanish reading. And I find I understand the languages sufficiently to take some interest in the Stories. Evening quiet at home. I read to my Wife a little of the Newgate Calendar, but it is a disgusting book. The monotony of Crime is painful. Pursued Napoleon and read the Guardian, but omitted the Spectator.