Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 13th.

Sunday. 15th.

Saturday 14th. CFA


Saturday 14th. CFA
Saturday 14th.

The weather cannot last fine a great while at this Season. The Wind was Easterly today and of course unpleasant. After reading Virgil, I went to the Office. My whole disposable time was taken up in writing a letter to my father.1 This was hardly accomplished before two. The reason of this is that I had a long interruption in the shape of a woman who looked fond of the bottle and certainly talked to match her look. She was a kind of beggar. But I got along with her quite easy. My only loss was my time.2 Deacon Spear also called and talked but I got no Money. I have never known a Season when this Article came in so sparingly.

Afternoon quietly at home. I read a little Spanish, but the largest portion of my time was devoted to transcribing my letter and accompanying it with the necessary papers. I was ashamed of it as a composition, yet was glad enough to get it finished at all. Evening short and quiet at home. I felt indolent. Mr. Nathl. Hall paid a short visit here. He is one of the perfectibilian tribe.


LbC in Adams Papers.


CFA recounted the visit at greater length in his letter to JQA, above:

“Distinguished public characters reflect a little of their lustre upon persons nearly related to them in such a manner as those persons do not sometimes altogether relish. It is now an hour since I began writing to you, during which period my name is responsible for a shocking bore inflicted upon me in the shape of a tipsy woman by name Armstrong, who has been dilating upon all manner of things and sure all the time that if you was only here you would sustain all she says.”