Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday 16th.

Wednesday 18th.

Tuesday. 17th. CFA


Tuesday. 17th. CFA
Tuesday. 17th.

Heavy rain with a high Wind from the Eastward. This will obviate the difficulty about vegetation but it is unpleasant enough in all conscience to the feelings. My mornings work has shortened since the dark weather. I read a little Italian and went to the Office. Had time to go over a little of Gibbon so that my account of my morning did not seem quite so blank. The weather did not admit of my going to walk.

Afternoon quiet at home. Occupied in attending to the Mathematics with Hull. I find I can learn something. My studies of this Science have always been exceedingly superficial. Read a good deal of the Moorish letters the end of which I am at last approaching.

Evening dull, doing nothing. I do not much admire this plan. Continued the wonderful Romance of Napoleon’s history and was a little displeased with Scott’s evident partiality. I also read Paley.