Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 20th.

Sunday. 22d.

Saturday. 21st. CFA


Saturday. 21st. CFA
Saturday. 21st.

The morning was cloudy but it cleared away in the course of the day. The wind being West for a short time but in general more to the Eastward. I occupied myself for a short time in Italian and then began upon a new undertaking, which is a regular Catalogue of my Library or rather the books under my care.1 This is a thing I have been in considerable want of for some time past, and I think I can make it without very seriously interrupting any of my more valuable occupations.

At the Office. Read a little of Gibbon but far the greater part of my time was expended in a ramble with Mr. Peabody whereby I lost the presence of a Tenant at Quincy, Field, and as usual I had a fit of repentance.

Returned home and after dinner went to Quincy, accompanied by Isaac Hull. After arranging with Mr. Brigham and receiving from him the amount due upon the Canal Notes I went to the House and was 284busy there until the time to return. Reached home late and fatigued. Read only the Rambler with a little of Walter Scott.


Doubtless the catalogue was another effort to preserve the identity of the books formerly owned by GWA which after his death became JQA’s but remained in Boston for CFA’s use. See vol. 3:325.