Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 24th.

Thursday. 26th.

Wednesday. 25th. CFA


Wednesday. 25th. CFA
Wednesday. 25th.

The day was exceedingly unpleasant although considerably warmer 286than it has been. I read a little of the Letters of Ortiz, an Italian book that I purchased at Mr. Eliot’s sale.1 Went to the Office. Passed an hour in writing and Accounts after which I was obliged to go out in quest of Fuel for my House. This involved a walk to the Southern extreme of the town. And I consumed the whole of my time in it before dinner.

The afternoon was all taken up at the Boylston Market there being a Meeting of the Directors to consider the expediency of making certain repairs &ca. There was a vast deal of discussion but no great conclusion. And I had little or nothing to do but to keep myself warm which was not perfectly easy. Got away quite tired at six o’clock. I have no great fancy for this situation. It is one of some labour and no great ease. I mean by this that the manual labour is all required.

Evening, went to a small party at Mrs. P. C. Brooks’ given to Miss Fowle. It was not very agreeable yet not absolutely stupid. Returned home but read only the Rambler.


Jacob Ortiz, Ultime Lettere, 2 vols. in 1, London, 1817. CFA has inscribed the information relating to his acquisition of the book in the copy now at MQA.