Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 27th.

Sunday. 29th.

Saturday. 28th. CFA


Saturday. 28th. CFA
Saturday. 28th.

The day was unpleasant with a cold Easterly wind and rain. I went to the Office after reading a little of Vasari. My time was not very well employed as I again forgot the Volume of Gibbon. I occupied it in reading the Account of several remarkable trials in a Collection I have at the Office. Among them those of Louis 16 and Marie Antoinette. They are interesting and since I have looked into it, I think better of the book than I did.1 It seems much superior to the Newgate Calendar. Went down to purchase some Coal but failed.


Mr. Brooks dined with us today, after which in spite of the weather I went with Hull to Quincy. I thought if I delayed, it might be late in next week before I could go. The lateness of the season is surprising. Occupied myself in pruning and straitening Trees more particularly the Oaks which are taking shape surprisingly well. On the whole I was well satisfied with my progress and returned home to tea. Quiet evening at home.


Perhaps the book was Causes célèbres; see above, entry for 10 Nov. 1831.