Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 29th.

Tuesday. May 1st.

[Monday] 30th. CFA


[Monday] 30th. CFA
Monday 30th.

Heavy rain with cold Easterly Wind. I read a little of Vasari before going to the Office—His own Life which gives a sketch of his progress in the Art of Painting. I read today a political Article in the Daily Advertiser which not a little provoked me. I do not know why I should feel so disagreeably at such things, unless it is that I detest any thing like an attempt to mislead the public. I wrote a reply and sent it to be published in the Daily Advocate.1 Perhaps I was not wise in letting my feelings out quite so much, but it was not very easy for me to help myself. My nature is to be frank and bold.

Afternoon, Engaged with the Directors of the Boylston Market in a tedious discussion of the projected improvement. This begins to be somewhat of a bore. And I am fearful that it is about to be often repeated which I confess was not anticipated when I accepted the situation. There is a love of talking as well as of dictating on the part of one member of the Board which is in the long run disgusting as well as tiresome.

Evening quietly at home. Had a little head ach from indigestion. Read the Bible &ca. as usual.


The article entitled “Political Prospects” (Boston Daily Advertiser & Patriot, 30 April, p. 2, cols. 2–3) was the latest in a continuing controversy between the Advertiser and the Boston Daily Advocate over the desirability expressed by the Advertiser that the Antimasonic party subordinate itself to the National Republicans in the coming national election in order to elect Henry Clay. In the course of the article an attempt was made to distinguish between the situation in 1828 and in 1832: “Why did Mr. Adams lose his election? Because he could not command the support of the West. He had nothing to depend upon but his own section of the union. Is this the case with Mr. Clay? Is there any doubt of his getting the vote of New England, or a great part of it?” On CFA’s reply see below, entry for 10 May.