Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. May 1st.

Thursday. 3d.

Wednesday. 2d. CFA


Wednesday. 2d. CFA
Wednesday. 2d.

This is the month of May. It is necessary to know it or we might suppose it March. After reading a little of the Life of Vasari which I found tolerably dull I went to the Office. Occupied there in business a good deal. Deacon Spear from Quincy called and paid his Notes amounting to seven hundred dollars which is very agreeable. It may be fairly asserted that my Father’s property, take it generally, is now at 291it’s maximum of production. And certainly it need not be complained of. All the Real Estate is well rented, and the personal Estate makes a large average yield. This then is the time to devote the proceeds to redeeming the debts for which he stands charged. I have done all I could to promote this.

Afternoon, went to Quincy. The progress of the Painter is slow. I also superintended the arranging some trees in order as far as possible to shade the back part of the Estate. Returned home by seven o’clock and passed a quiet Evening at home.