Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 24th.

Saturday. 26.

Friday 25th. CFA


Friday 25th. CFA
Friday 25th.

The morning opened with heavy rain and the wind from the Eastward. I concluded after reasoning about it, not to go into Boston. I thereby saved myself some discomfort from wetting and stood the risk of my Mother’s arrival. My time was not over profitably spent, but I read Buffon’s Article of the Horse and the Dog, several articles in the Edinburgh and some in the Quarterly Review. These are now full of the political discussions going on in England, and even all their incidental opinions upon other subjects derive a sharpness from their excited feelings upon Reform. The History of the Stuarts is condemned by the one while the excesses of popular violence are in all shapes alluded to by the other, with a warmth which it may be plainly perceived events so long bygone do not of themselves create.1 Not a soul came near the House as it rained heavily. The Baby has I think been getting better ever since we left Boston. Today, she was very good.


The allusion would seem to be to the article in the Quarterly Review for March (47:261–300) with the running-head title, “The Revolutions of 1640 and 1830.”