Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 29.

Thursday. 31st.

Wednesday. 30th. CFA


Wednesday. 30th. CFA
Wednesday. 30th.

Against all expectation the day opened with the wind from the South and a very heavy rain. The question now was about starting, and after considering it well, I concluded that it would be best to do so. Accordingly I went off about nine o’clock accompanied by Mr. Frothingham, leaving my Wife to follow in Mr. Brooks’ Carriage. Arrived pretty comfortably and occupied myself half an hour waiting for Kirke. As he did not come I went to the House, and occupied myself all the remainder of the morning in running about for my wife and family to get them off, which I finally did in a hackney Coach at Noon, starting myself an hour afterwards. I do not recollect ever having so unpleasant a ride. The rain was directly in my face and at times pelted considerably, so that upon my arrival I found myself wet quite through. My Wife and child had reached here in safety, so that on the whole I felt pretty well satisfied at our having at last attained permanent quarters.

My afternoon was spent in my father’s Library making a disposition of some books which again threaten to overrun their limits. Quiet evening at home. I had some serious conversation with my Mother.