Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 5th.

Thursday. 7th.

Wednesday 6th. CFA


Wednesday 6th. CFA
Wednesday 6th.

It threatened to be pleasant but without success. I went to town. Found to my discomfiture that my Office boy was about to leave me. 310This at this time is highly inconvenient. My time was consumed in going about on various commissions, in an attempt to find the missing Trunks, and in reading a little of Gibbon. One or two Tenants came to see me. One to pay rent, another to give me notice of his intention to quit one of the Tenements. I thought this would subject me to some trouble but before I left Boston, an application of a satisfactory nature was made for it. This is a very agreeable thing. Houses are no trouble when men are really in want of them.

I returned to Quincy to dinner. The whole Afternoon was taken up in superintending some improvements to the Garden which I really think is at last taking the appearance of a Gentleman’s place. A little care and attention is all that is wanting. Paid a visit at Mr. T. Greenleaf’s in the evening. All there but Mr. Price whose absence was not accounted for.