Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday 9th.

Monday. 11th.

Sunday. 10th. CFA


Sunday. 10th. CFA
Sunday. 10th.

It is hardly necessary to make any allusion to the weather while we have constant clouds and rain. I have never known a season at all like 312this. The Crops will probably be very much cut off. Attended divine service all day, though I felt myself suffering from one of the head achs which have lately afflicted me occasionally. Mr. Mott preached and as I thought with considerable amendment since I last heard him. His morning Sermon was upon the cultivation of a pious character by the regulation of thought. That in the afternoon I felt unable to follow. Indeed my whole day was thrown away as it usually is in cases of such mental debility occasioned by bodily pain.

I looked over an old file of letters of my Grandfather without energy or method in re-arranging them. And I read the remainder of Massillon’s Panegyric of Louis 14, with a part of that upon the Dutchess of Orleans, not having any ideas arise from it. It is prostrating to the vanity of the human intellect to think how totally a trifle may unnerve it. Evening, Mr. Price Greenleaf called and passed an hour pleasantly. I retired early.