Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday 23d.

Wednesday. 25th.

Tuesday. 24th. CFA


Tuesday. 24th. CFA
Tuesday. 24th.

Fine morning. I went to town for the purpose of getting some information about my father. But I did not succeed. Time principally occupied in reading the Speech of Mr. Everett upon the Tariff. It is a dry, statistical performance, in some respects correct, in others questionable.1 Had a visitor applying for the House in Tremont Street about to be vacated by Mr. Gulliver. We had a long conversation, and he finally asked me to come in to town tomorrow.

Returned to Quincy and passed the Afternoon in reading Seneca upon the shortness of life. Almost all of his subjects are Common 335places hackneyed by time. Yet they are well treated and contain a good deal of thought. Read also part of the debates of the first Congress. It is surprising to me that after these there ever should have been any question about the legality of protecting duties. Evening, walked with my Wife to Mrs. T. B. Adams’s and passed half an hour.


Edward Everett’s Speech on the Proposed Adjustment of the Tariff (Washington, 1832), delivered in the House of Representatives on 25 June; a copy is listed in CFA’s catalogue of his pamphlet collection (Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 326).