Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 26th.

Saturday. 28th.

Friday. 27th. CFA


Friday. 27th. CFA
Friday. 27th.

Fine morning. I did not go to town, from an anxiety to be out of the way as much as any thing. My new tenant will find plenty of things to think of I do not doubt, and I already do for him more than I feel justified in. Read Thucydides in the morning—The judgments upon the people of Mitylene and Plataea. The Athenians took the side of mercy with the former, the Lacedaemonians that of severity with the latter. Their habits in this respect were barbarous to a considerable degree. They killed the men and sold the women. So that there was always a prospect in Greece even among the most prosperous families of slavery or destruction. Read a little of Sydney but my progress in this is over slow.

In the Afternoon, I accompanied my Wife to Mrs. Quincy’s. It was something of a walk for her. We found only the lady herself at home and sat there only time enough to take rest.

Evening, the life of Canning, and a conversation with my Father upon the character and influence of public men—Mr. Pitt, Fox, Burke, Sheridan. It kept me awake until after eleven o’clock. Read the Adventurers.