Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 4th.

Monday. 6th.

Sunday. 5th. CFA


Sunday. 5th. CFA
Sunday. 5th.

Morning very warm with clouds, and in the afternoon some rain. I attended divine Service all day and heard Mr. Whitney. His morning Sermon upon the nature of the Saviour as a Communion Sermon. Some observations upon the inaccuracy of the Text. For my part, I think the substitute proposed is as expressive. I was not attentive however, my mind being somewhat in vacancy.

Read today, a part of the life of Canning. His biographer claims an undue share of credit to him for his influence in South American 341Affairs. Mr. Canning recognized the independence of these States, not from any sympathy with them, nor from any regard to the question which had been existing for so long between the Colonies and the Mother Country. He did it because it suited the interest of Great Britain, because the commercial interest was to be consulted, and more markets were to be secured for the consumption of British Manufactures. Mr. Cannings principles were somewhat of a singular character. A stiff supporter of the aristocratic features of the Government of his own Country, he yet knew how to use the popular doctrines in his intercourse with foreign nations, when they availed his single purpose of benefitting England.