Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 9th.

Saturday. 11th.

Friday. 10th. CFA


Friday. 10th. CFA
Friday. 10th.

Heavy rain in the morning which prevented my going to town as I had intended. Occupied in pasting labels for my father so that I have not much to say in favour of my own progress. A bath at noon. The water was chilly and I had a cold so that I was not perfectly confident of the prudence of the measure.

I finished the first volume of the life of Cromwell, and was surprised to find how much could be said in his favour. Indeed there have been few men who have had so much injustice done them. All the fables about his early life seem to be conclusively disproved. And a great deal 344of stuff has been published about his private character, originating in the malignity of a subsequent, unprincipled age. I think I shall attempt to write something upon this subject.

Afternoon continued reading the third book of Seneca, upon benefits—Whether a Slave can confer a benefit upon his master. He settles it clearly. Evening quiet at home. The weather cleared but the musquitoes were troublesome. Finished the second volume of the Political life of Canning.