Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 18th.

Monday. 20th.

Sunday. 19th. CFA


Sunday. 19th. CFA
Sunday. 19th.

Is it possible that I should have finished my record of yesterday without recollecting that it is the completion of twenty five years of my life? What can I say of myself on this occasion — Have I done as much as I ought to have done? Am I what I should be? He must be eminently happy who can say yea conscientiously to these questions. I believe I can say that I am happy—That my share of prosperity has continued so far increasing rather than diminishing; at all times, I will humbly acknowledge, far beyond my deserts. But I must admit my exertions not to have equalled my duty, and my success to be trifling. Perhaps my position is not by any means as advantageous as it was, and the 349habits of retirement in which I am settling down, to be making it worse daily. If so it is, I regret it. But I never will do an act merely for the sake of popularity or public attention, nor will I court any man only to advance myself. My conscience must be clear or my position will be gone. Let me, as I trust I ever will, place my great reliance in the support of the Deity.

The day was excessively rainy. We attended divine service however and heard Mr. Stetson preach two respectable Sermons. The remainder of the day was passed quietly at home. I finished the life of Canning. He died at a critical moment for his fame. No one knows how affairs would have turned out. But he did not leave an equal behind him. How totally the face of Europe is changed since his death.