Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 21.

Thursday. 23d.

Wednesday. 22. CFA


Wednesday. 22. CFA
Wednesday. 22.

Fine morning. For two or three days past I have taken a shower bath at the small house under the bank of the Canal, and I feel better for it. Went to town. Office, thence to the House, and thence to Mr. 351Cunningham’s Auction Room where the books belonging to my Uncle the Judge were selling. I purchased a few. But my father coming in I immediately quitted the field and betook myself to my usual occupations.1 Finished the Masonic Pamphlet which on the whole has done much to convince me of the great impropriety of the Institution.

Returned to Medford. Afternoon wasted. Miss Gray passed the day with the ladies. The baby has for two or three days past been apparently labouring under an attack of the measles, but so slight that it is difficult to pronounce it to be so. Mr. Everett came up for fifteen minutes with one of his children. Mrs. Angier and Mr. Jos. Angier came to tea. Some music in the evening. A pretty do-nothing kind of life, but pleasant enough to those who have no admonitions from conscience of higher duties which they are neglecting.


“I found Charles at Cunningham’s Auction room where they were selling my brother’s Books. I purchased a considerable number of them. They all sold very low. There were several of mine among them” (JQA, Diary, 22 Aug.).