Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 30th.

Saturday. September 1st.

Friday. 31st. CFA


Friday. 31st. CFA
Friday. 31st.

I did not go to town today. My father did, to dine with Mr. Coolidge.1 I went on working upon the Papers of my Grandfather until I could say that so far as I knew how, all the letters were filed and assorted of which I had any knowledge. This is not however the worst part of the work. There is a re-examination of the whole which I cannot do, that will cost much trouble.

Afternoon accomplished something in Seneca nearly finishing the fourth book upon the question whether benefits should be conferred upon improper subjects or such about whom there is doubt. He comes across and modifies the Stoic doctrine as he proceeds. Worked for an hour in the garden by way of exercise clearing and pruning. Quiet evening. Continued Captain Hall.


Other guests at Mr. Joseph Coolidge’s included Governor Lincoln, Col. Josiah Quincy Jr., Peter C. Brooks, Edward Coles, Edward Tuckerman, and Rev. W. P. Greenwood (JQA, Diary, 31 Aug.).