Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. September 1st.

Monday. 3d.

Sunday. 2d. CFA


Sunday. 2d. CFA
Sunday. 2d.

Fine day although the Wind was Easterly. Attended Divine Service all day at the Meeting house and heard Mr. Whitney. We were quiet at home having only Miss Smith and John Q. Adams Jr. to dine.

I did not accomplish a great deal during the day. I finished however, the last Chapter of the Sermon on the Mount. I am sensible that this is very poorly done. But it may serve as an exercise and an improvement. It may teach me more complete familiarity with the sublime rules of Christian morality, and in this way may operate some good in my practice in life.1 Evening, I walked with my father to Mr. Quincy’s. Found there Mrs. Miller2—Mr. and Mrs. Quincy being absent, though they returned before we left—and Messrs. Miller and Beale. Conversation rather dull. Returned early walking, although the Ladies went in the Carriage. Roads unpleasantly dusty.


Beginning on the Fast Day, 9 Aug., and continuing on the next four Sundays, CFA wrote an analysis and exegesis of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, 5–7), now in the Adams Papers (Microfilms, Reel No. 318), “rather as an exercise to help me to master the great truths which it teaches, than from any hope of further elucidating its sterling value.”


That is, Col. Josiah Quincy’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Samuel R. Miller.