Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 14th.

Sunday. 16th.

Saturday. 15th. CFA


Saturday. 15th. CFA
Saturday. 15th.

Morning warmer. I went to town and was engaged my whole time in overseeing the putting of three tons of Coal into my Cellar at home. This is but a sorry account to give of time, but as I have no trusty person to place there and as the honesty of the Coal Carrier was not warranted, I felt obliged to be upon the spot. Found my House dry and the Cellar clean and in good condition.

I was detained until two o’clock and reached Quincy by three. Consequently, the Afternoon was very short. I read some of Seneca relating to the intent in conferring an obligation, but I have become satisfied the thing is altogether too much drawn out.

Quiet evening. Read a little more of Dr. Granville who, I think is amusing as well as instructive. The day was warm with a South Wind which terminated in a severe thunder gust at night. Finished the third volume of the Adventurer.