Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 30th.

Tuesday. 2d.

Monday. October 1st. CFA


Monday. October 1st. CFA
Monday. October 1st.

Heavy rain all day so that I did not stir from the House. Occupied in various ways but in none concerning my own studies. Pasted labels. Compared Text of Journals and copied a long letter for my Father,1 which must account for all my time until dinner and not much of it idled away either.

Afternoon, finished the seventh and last book of Seneca de Beneficiis. I am well pleased at this as in the course of this Journal, I have often expressed my weariness. Seneca is on the whole worth reading, but it would be better to take him by snatches than to attempt to read him through. One thought may be collected in this way which will be of value, whereas the subsequent ones in a long reading will jostle each other out of the memory. I then put a final hand for this Season to the old letter files, having set them under a new alphabetical instead of a Chronological arrangement. Whether this will answer or whether it will not be changed to some other next year remains to be seen. Quiet evening reading Dr. Granville—After which I made some progress in Lingard.


Another in the series of JQA’s letters to William L. Stone on Antimasonry (30 Sept., LbC, Adams Papers).