Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 7th.

Tuesday. 9th.

Monday. 8th. CFA


Monday. 8th. CFA
Monday. 8th.

Morning cloudy but it did not rain. The weather remained doubtful until evening when it cleared away. I went to town. Engaged all the morning in Accounts, when after examination I settled my own and those of all parties. Received the various Dividends remaining due, and adjusted the balances all round. Walked to the Athenaeum to read the News but found nothing of material consequence. My time was a good deal of it necessarily wasted from the fact that I have little or nothing at hand to do when a moment presents itself at my Office.

I remained in town until the Afternoon, for the purpose of meeting the Directors of the Boylston Market Association. It is now a long time since I have been present. Upon this occasion we were to look over the Accounts for the Work lately executed. And we found that my estimates so far from being exaggerated did not come up to one third of the cost incurred. The Dividends must therefore be cut off for a year. This is unpleasant to me so far as the Stock of T. B. Adams is concerned who invested here in consequence of our advice and who depends in some degree upon the Money. I cannot help thinking we have been a little extravagant. After going through the accounts, which took until near sunset, I returned to Quincy by a bright but cold moon.

Quiet evening at home. Nothing of particular consequence. Conversation and reading a little of Dr. Granville, after which Lingard and the Idler.