Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 15th.

Wednesday. 17th.

Tuesday. 16th. CFA


Tuesday. 16th. CFA
Tuesday. 16th.

Fine morning but cool. I rode to town to see about getting my Coal in, and was accompanied by my Child’s Nurse, Mrs. Field. Morning very much taken up at my House. Yet I found time enough to finish and send what I wrote yesterday.1 My father’s advice to me is sound, not to engage myself in the mere easy, every day writing of political electioneering, but to discuss questions upon some clear and definite basis of a public nature requiring information and research.

Returned to Quincy, and wasted the Afternoon with my Mother in 380fruitless fishing. Evening at home reading Granville. Continued Lingard in the reign of Edward the third.


Whether CFA’s article on the current political situation was published is not known.