Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 23d.

Thursday. 25.

Wednesday. 24th. CFA


Wednesday. 24th. CFA
Wednesday. 24th.

Morning cold and cloudy. I felt much better, and therefore went down to the Wharf fishing. My Wife seemed disposed to call it imprudent, but I did not experience any disadvantage from it. My sport for the last hour was very good. Passed an hour in comparing Text.

Afternoon. Reading one of the Causes Celebres of Pitaval. A man writes anonymous satires and lampoons against his friends. Those friends become indignant and trace the authorship nearly to him, for the purpose of avoiding the effect of which, he labours to fix it upon another person. A trial takes place and the evidence shows that four persons had been suborned to testify against him who was not the author by him who was.

I was interrupted in the midst of my meditations by a visit from Mr. Bussy and his grandaughter Miss Davis.1 Nobody in the house but me — My Mother gone to take a ride, my Wife to Hingham with Mr. Beale and his children, my father in the woods, so I saw them. The object was to invite to dine on Monday. Evening quiet at home. Read Dr. Lingard.


On Benjamin Bussey see vol. 2:417; his daughter Eliza had married Charles Davis of New York (vol. 2:157).