Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 31st.

Friday. 2d.

Thursday. November 1st. CFA


Thursday. November 1st. CFA
Thursday. November 1st.

Delicious day. The very perfection of our Indian Summer. I went to town accompanied by Mrs. Nowlan, leaving her at the Catholic Church. Time entirely taken up in Commissions connected with getting the House in order. Went up to the House twice. Went after the Mason and Chimney Sweep who both of them forgot my orders. Made the necessary purchases for the House and worked off as much business as I could. The drudgery attendant upon my not having an Office boy is very great.

I received an invitation to dine in town at my friend Blake’s so that I disappointed my friend Mrs. Nowlan in coming out and had a little more time to take care of my own affairs. I went through my own Accounts and rectified my balances for the last month in as good a way as I could, though from the difficulties of small sums I find it pretty hard. Dined at 1/2 past two. Company consisted of Mr. and Mrs. S. Parkman Blake, Mr. and Miss Shaw, Mr. Payne, Mr. Shelton, Mr. Issarevlen, and the ladies of the family. Our dinner was pleasant and good.

I returned by Moonlight to Quincy. My road was also enlightened by the flames of a barn which was burning in Dorchester and the light of which shooting through a hazy atmosphere and illuminating half of the heavens gave a bright and picturesque appearance to the scene. Arrived at seven. E. P. Greenleaf spent the evening here.