Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 12th.

Wednesday. 14th.

Tuesday. 13th. CFA


Tuesday. 13th. CFA
Tuesday. 13th.

A fine day. I felt pretty well although a little uneasy. Went to the Office. Pretty industrious in reading Dr. Lingard. He affirms pretty positively that Anne Boleyne was the King’s Mistress. I hardly believe it, first, because if she had been the King would not have cared about marrying her, second, because she had no children until after her true marriage. The fact that the child was premature is however somewhat in favor of his position. I do not know what to think but shall read Burnet.

Mr. Conant from Weston came in and we proceeded to make a 398settlement of last year’s Accounts, upon the sales of Wood. I somewhat regret that I have not better accountants to deal with as I cannot push these men to the exactness which all business requires, but if I believe them honest in substance I suppose that is as much as I ought to require. At least it is what I might not get.

Afternoon, continued writing upon the Anti Masonic subject but I do not at all satisfy myself. The intricacy of the detail is what discourages the attention of the many.

Quiet evening at home. Read to my Wife part of the life of Romney the Painter. It is interesting although the name and style of the painting is not familiar to me. Afterwards, I continued working upon the Antimasonry. Political results are curious enough. The whole nation seems to have gone by acclamation for General Jackson. Yet Can we believe him to be a good or a great man.