Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 30th.

Sunday. 2.

Saturday. December 1. CFA


Saturday. December 1. CFA
Saturday. December 1.

The first day of Winter brought with it the livery which the season commonly wears. Short days and long evenings with snow and cold are the attendants of the three succeeding months. They give fine 410opportunities for the cultivation of the mind and the production of ideas. But they are not the hours for physical enjoyment. I always see the first snow with a slight feeling of melancholy. Yet I know not why. For in our climate, it rather adds to our light in the darkest period of the year.

At the Office. Engaged some time in Accounts but I also accomplished somewhat of Lingard. The weather did not admit of a walk.

Afternoon, pursued my regular course. Mr. Hallett sent me a letter today, suggesting some alterations in the articles I sent to him.1 They relate generally to positions of mine not quite Antimasonic enough for his taste. After reflecting upon them, as I found I could not quite assent to them, I replied by expressing my willingness to soften the terms without altering the expression of my own opinion.2 Continued working upon No. 6, but I find it will not answer. I must read over all the information and new model it.

Evening quiet at home. Malvina. Finished Nollekens. A fable of Lessing.


The letter from Benjamin Franklin Hallett, editor of the Boston Daily Advocate, is missing. On Hallett, see entry for 13 Dec., below.


Letter missing.