Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 7th.

Sunday. 9th.

Saturday. 8th. CFA


Saturday. 8th. CFA
Saturday. 8th.

Morning rainy and dark. I went to the Office as usual. The second of my numbers appeared in the Advocate.1 I do not think it equal to the first. The editor has also made a few corrections, some of which are no improvements.2 I see in one or two a distrust of my information, 415which I do not wonder at, but yet cannot admire. These are some of the difficulties against which young men always have to struggle, and I trust that they will not succeed in discouraging me.

Time taken up writing Diary and reading Lingard. A call from Deacon Danl. Spear of Quincy about the Pew of the Episcopal Church, the balance for which I paid.3 Took my usual walk notwithstanding the rain.

Afternoon, working upon Antimasonry. Finished No. 7. but am much dissatisfied with it. Shall have to write it over. I have not got that power yet, which enables a person at the first dash to give thoughts their most effective form. How labour saving such a power is.

Evening quiet at home. My way of life here in Boston, is the most pacific, secluded kind of thing imaginable. I see few, know few and trouble myself with few. Read to my Wife, the lives of Roubiliac and Banks, Sculptors, and with her more of Malvina. Afterwards I hammered away upon German, and found my progress not so much impeded. Understand the point of two or three Fables. I have a notion that these are not the easiest things possible to begin with.


Page 2, cols. 3–4.


“You must make great allowance for errors of the Press. My sense is most shockingly mangled and my friend Hallett now and then amends a sentence in such a way as by no means to improve it” (CFA to JQA, 31 Dec., LbC, Adams Papers).


JQA had subscribed $100 toward the building of Christ Church in Quincy and had authorized the purchase of a pew at a price not to exceed $25 (JQA to CFA, 25 Nov., Adams Papers).