Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 24th.

Wednesday. 26th.

Tuesday. 25th. CFA


Tuesday. 25th. CFA
Tuesday. 25th.

Christmas and a beautiful day. I went to the Office. Occupied in writing, and read a portion of Lingard. In the account of the troubles, 428he writes with ease and fluency. And on the whole he does not attack the liberty of the subject. Yet where so much of public affairs was influenced by religious feeling, such an author is rather a dangerous guide. Took a walk with Mr. Peabody, and finding that I had some surplus time I went to the Athenaeum but found nothing.

Afternoon, made considerable progress in the book of M. Villemain. The summary of Cromwell’s character is most incorrectly drawn. He has just enough of the true qualities to puzzle himself and to be astonished by his far strained explanations. I do not know a historical character who has been less correctly drawn. It would be very well worth while to make an estimate of it. I will think of it perhaps if I ever feel encouraged to write again. But my hopes are low. I find my article written for the North American Review so long ago is put off for another three months and perhaps more.1 No success. Well, I will give up and take my ease.

Evening quiet. My Wife still in torture with her teeth. Read German.


CFA’s renewed defense of the Puritans in the form of an essay-review of Robert Vaughan’s Memorials of the Stuart Dynasty had been sent to the North American Review on 7 July. On 4 Jan. 1833 he asked for its return; on the 8th he began rewriting it, on the 15th completed it, and on the 26th dispatched it again. After further threatened postponements it was published in the issue for July 1833 ( North Amer. Rev. , 37:164–189).